Our global IT organisation helps enable business growth opportunities in a competitive industry. Working in a challenging, collaborative, team-based environment, you’ll hone your own IT capabilities while gaining valuable leadership competencies. Our IT priorities will expose you to exciting technology solutions, packaged software implementations, and best-in-class methodologies. As a strategic partner, you can gain exposure to our many business areas and bring together people, processes, and technology.

In the three decades that Alan has been at TJX, his team has not only celebrated life milestones, they’ve also supported him through challenges. Our culture embraces caring and treating each other with dignity and respect.


If you’re part of the global IT team, you could be making decisions that connect continents and have a global impact. Jorge always relishes the opportunity to help the company succeed.


Rebecca is part of a global network and located far away from some of her engineering teammates, but she is able to connect with others easily to brainstorm. We give you the tools for communicating, so you can focus on challenging work through collaboration.